5 Hacks for Healthier Hair

5 Hacks for Healthier Hair

When it comes to our hair, we all want to keep it the healthiest it could be! So we decided to do some research and compile a list of the top 5 things that you should be doing to keep your hair healthy. By doing these 5 simple hacks you’ll see changes in your hair, for the better! So what are the top 5 hair hacks?

1. Don’t wash your hair everyday.

I know your first thought might be “that sounds gross,” but actually by not washing your hair everyday you give your natural hair oils the chance to take over! Washing your hair everyday can lead to drier hair, which makes it more prone to breakage and split ends. The best advice is to keep your hair-washing down to (at most) every other day, this way you don’t dry out your scalp or your hair!

2. Avoid using conditioner on your scalp.

When you do wash your hair try to use conditioner only on the ends of your hair rather than the roots. Putting conditioner on your scalp or roots can actually clog your pores, which both slows hair growth and increases unnatural oil production. The excess oil will make your roots oily, and also trigger the stop of natural oil production. So do the best you can to avoid using conditioner on your scalp.

3. Use natural oils like coconut or olive oil to prevent breakage.

If your hair is feeling more dry than usual, which could be the effect of over-washing or over-processed coloring, then using natural oils is almost life changing! There are many remedies to applying natural oils—So let’s break down our two favorites. You can use these natural oils as a hair mask pre-shower; apply from the scalp down, leave in for about a half hour and then follow up with your usual shampoo routine (it’s recommended to do this about once a week, but this depends on how dry your hair is). The second method is to apply the natural oil to the ends of your hair post-shower. Brush it into your ends, and let dry. Coconut oil, and olive oil are both natural ways to add moisture and shine that will make your hair feel immediately silkier and smoother!

4. Brush your hair from the bottom up.

When brushing your hair you should always start from the bottom! Starting from the top can cause a serious amount of knots and breakage. You want to avoid roughly pulling on your hair, especially from the roots since this can cause hair loss. Start from the bottom and slowly work through your knots till you reach your scalp this makes sure you don’t cause excess breakage, and keeps your hair full!

5. Get hair cuts more often.

And it doesn’t even have to be a full cut! You should be getting consistent trims to get rid of dead and split ends, as well as to prevent any breakage. By trimming your hair more often you will promote hair growth, health, and strength! Avoiding hair cuts can cause your hair to be dull, dry, and more prone to breakage. So put life back into your hair and get your hair cut more often.

One final tip! Use quality hair tools.

It’s important when styling your hair to use high quality tools that won’t totally fry your hair. For example change out your average hair dryer or flat iron with one that uses infrared technology, and quality ceramic plates! Styling your hair doesn’t have to be damaging and you want to be sure you’re using products that promote healthy hair.

Also always get to know your hair. If it’s feeling more dry than usual, then know it's the right time to apply a hair oil or mask. If it's feeling more oily than usual then cut down on hair washing, and stop applying conditioner to your roots. If you’re seeing more split ends than usual, know it's time for a haircut!

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