A Primer on Blow Dryer Attachments

A Primer on Blow Dryer Attachments

As incredible as it is to have so many different options for hair tools at your disposal, you certainly wouldn’t be alone in feeling like the number of choices are a bit…overwhelming. From blow dryers to flat irons to heated styling brushes and much, much more, sometimes it seems impossible to keep up with the latest technological innovation in hairstyling. As if that weren’t complicated enough, you also need to consider the array of add-ons and attachments that just about every device features these days. This is most notable when it comes to blow dryers, which can include anywhere from two to six included attachments with your purchase. To clear up the confusion, we’re here to break down the most common blow dryer attachments and help you determine which works best for your hair needs!


By far the most commonly used blow dryer attachment is the concentrator, which allows you to customize the airflow of your blow dryer to suit your styling needs. The aptly named attachment is able to “concentrate” the air flow into a more precise and intense output, allowing you to create more defined styles. Many devices will include a variety of concentrators that vary in airflow output from wide-open to razor thin. The attachment is particularly useful for shorter styles or pixie hairstyles that require more precise manipulation and styling.


As the name implies, this attachment works in a directly opposite fashion of the concentrator, as it “diffuses” the airflow to be more spread out and less intense. This sort of attachment is ideal for those with extremely textured, wavy, or curly hair, as these hair types are particularly prone to dryness and frizz. The diffuser provides you with the ability to dry your hair effectively while minimizing the potential of frizz or damage from a more concentrated output. When paired with a blow dryer that utilizes ionic technology such as Sutra’s Accelerator 3500, the results are remarkably smooth, manageable and full of shine.


A more uncommon attachment, a styling pick looks much like a concentrator nozzle, only with added hair picks to section portions of hair and applying volumizing air at a deeper level. Pick attachments usually come in a variety of sizes, with shorter pick lengths for shorter hairstyles and longer pick lengths for longer hairstyles.

Styling Heads

The most unusual of the bunch, styling heads simply describe a class of blow dryer attachments that are designed in a unique fashion to accentuate the styling experience in a unique way. For instance, some styling heads include fine-toothed combs to section and smooth hair while blow drying, while others include bristles to enhance shine and create a more precise finish. Because of the variety in styling heads, feel free to mix and match with different heads, finding one that works best for you!

5. Crimped Waves

Last but not least, let’s give summer a proper send-off with a fun, beachy look! Perfect for medium-to-short styles, simply part your hair down the middle, brush out, and use a crimping waver like Sutra’s Interchangeable Waver to create those gorgeous, crimped waves. Finish with hairspray and prepare to turn heads!

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