Brushing Your Way to Great Hair

Brushing Your Way to Great Hair

This may come as a surprise, but did you know that something as basic as hair brushing can have a massive impact on the overall look and health of your hair? Just as each person needs to tailor their hair care products and styling methods to fit their specific hair type, the same concept applies when it comes to brushing! Knowing which brush to use and when or how to brush your hair depending on your hair type can make all the difference. Follow these tips to make sure your brushing habits are up to par!

DON'T Brush Curly Hair When Dry

It may be tempting to reach for your brush and go to town on your hair when it is at its most wild and curly but resist that temptation! For all the curly-haired girls out there, always make sure your hair is still wet when you brush or detangle. When brushing dry, curly hair, you run the risk of not only making your hair messier and even more out-of-control, but it can also be an easy recipe for broken hair and excessive frizz. The best time to detangle your hair is when you have just showered and before you go to blow-dry or towel-dry your hair. Even better yet, you can use you brush while you are still showering, using the brush to distribute your conditioner throughout your hair!

DO Brush Straight or Wavy Hair When Dry

On the other hand, women with straight or slightly wavy hair can feel free to brush their hair when dry. In fact, it is encouraged! Brushing straight or wavy hair when dry not only helps to calm down any frizzy hairs or flyaways, but it also helps to spread the natural oils present in your hair, which improves overall hair health while noticeably adding extra shine. Doing so the first thing in the morning or last thing at night a few times a week should be all you need to keep your straight or wavy hair looking fab!

Use the Right Brush!

Using the wrong brush can be a disaster for any hair type, and the trick is to know which brush is most appropriate for your hair. For thick, curly hair, look for a brush with strong, rigid bristles or a wide-tooth comb, as you need something strong enough to brush through your hair, but not small enough to snag or tug. For straight, wavy hair, using soft, small bristles is key, as you really want to be able to work your brush through your hair as gently as possible while being able to grab as many strands of hair as possible with each bristle. For either hair type, you can’t go wrong with Sutra’s best-selling Flexi Brush, which combines strong bristles and a flexible handle for easy maneuvering with an incredibly soft rubberized finish that is gentle enough for both fragile hair and for use on the scalp. 

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