Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing

Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing

Here are 5 Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing!

1. You Should Brush Your Hair with 100 Strokes Every Day.

The “100 times theory” came from the fact that brushing your hair helps distribute natural oils. And yes, it's good to brush your hair, but not excessively! Brushing your hair too much can actually lead to breakage, damage and more frizz! 

Brush your hair enough to get out all the tangles and smooth it out, but once your hair is smooth, stop brushing! Make sure you have a good quality hair brush that has soft bristles and can get through knots.

2. You Should Wash Your Hair Everyday.

Yes, we all want clean hair and that fresh feeling. But washing and putting products in your hair everyday can actually damage the natural oils and cause dull hair! 

It’s best to wash your hair once every two days, even if that. Try to avoid over-using products that will block hair cuticles and can even stunt hair growth!

3. If You Pluck One Gray Hair, More Will Grow.

Scary I know! When the gray hairs start popping up we all want to pluck them out, and pretend they don’t exist! But in the back of our mind we hear our mom saying, “If you pluck one gray hair, more will show up!”

Well, that is totally false. No matter the color, if you pluck one hair, the same hair will grow back in its place, not two. And if anything, plucking out your hair might break the follicle and cause it to not grow back at all, so it’s better to stay away from the plucking. Instead, there are plenty of hair color sticks and powders on the market that temporarily match the gray to your normal hair color. 

4. You Should Switch Up Your Hair Products.

Many of us think that our hair is “getting used” to the products we use, and therefore, the products aren’t as effective. In reality, your hair is not a living thing, so there’s no way for this to be true. The real reason you may get varied results is the weather!

Some products might have worked amazingly in the winter, but come summer and more humidity, you might find that it’s not defrizzing like it did before. So basically, it’s not the products that changed, it's your hair's reaction to the outside world!

5. Split Ends Can Be Repaired.

A lot of products out there claim to repair split ends. But be aware that this is just not possible. Split ends happen when the outer layer of the hair is damaged and split open, so there’s no real way to seal it back together. 

Some serums or hair conditioners help your hair look healthier or even mend split ends together for a short time period. But fixing your split ends completely isn’t possible. If you want to get rid of split ends, the only way to do it is a haircut!


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