Hairstylist Appreciation Day

Hairstylist Appreciation Day

Today is Hairstylist Appreciation Day, and we at Sutra can’t think a group of people within the beauty industry more deserving of this amazing celebration! While it goes without saying that we greatly appreciate the amazing hairstylists in our industry each and every day of the year, on this day in particular we want to make sure all hairstylists are aware just how much we value their craft and admire their hard work and dedication. As a hair tool manufacturer, we are incredibly reliant on our relationships with hairstylists all over the world. The feedback you have given us regarding our products and ways we can better suit the needs of the modern hairstylist has proven invaluable, and it has served as a guiding force in our continual goal of hair tool innovation. We would have never been able to build such a large and passionate customer base without your support, and for that we are eternally grateful.  


Below, we have featured some of our biggest supporters in the hairstyling community, along with their picks for their favorite Sutra products. You’ve likely seen their work on Instagram, and some of you have even been lucky enough to call yourselves a client of theirs!    




Favorite Sutra tool? The Infrared Curing Iron. It gives me the most perfect long lasting waves every time + creates the most epic shine. It’s always my go to tool! 

Favorite hair hack? Tossing in one curl going the opposite direction of the other curls when curling your hair will prevent the curls from all becoming one big sausage curl.

Why do you love being a hairstylist? I love making people feel like the best versions of themselves. Watching someone’s face light up with the biggest smile because you either took the time to spend with them or completely changed their look and you can see them glow from the inside out! It’s the most rewarding part and why I do what I do every day.



Favorite Sutra tool? Definitely my favorite tool is the IR2 Infrared Flat Iron, I use it for all of my curling and of course my smooth looks too.

Favorite hair hack? I think my favorite hair hack is to do a little twirl with my fingers immediately after each flat iron curl while it’s still hot. This gives a little bit of extra definition and allows me to form each curl exactly how I need/want it.

Why do you love being a hairstylist? I love my career because it literally NEVER feels like “work”, I have fun each and every day and with all of my clients, I love education my guests and new stylists, it’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. I knew I wanted to be a stylist when I was 4 or 5 years old.


Favorite Sutra tool? My favorite is the Styling Wand, I use it on everyone!

Favorite hair hack? I love to alternate my curls with it and leave the ends straight for the perfect beachy wave.

Why do you love being a hairstylist? I love being a hairstylist because I love to uplift others and make them feel good. Not only by doing their hair but by being a listening ear. You build friendships. It’s not work when you love what you do.


Favorite Sutra tool? My favorite tool from Sutra is the IR2 Infrared Flat Iron. I love this flat iron so much. It leaves the hair healthy but can give you any look. I’ve used it to enhance curtain bangs with a bounce, to seal in a chemical straightening treatment, and to even create curls for an updo. It’s a very universal tool.

Favorite hair hack? My go to style and favorite hair hack is mixing the Interchangeable Waver with the Infrared Curling iron to give a textured look. Switch rows between the tools then brush out for the ultimate textured natural style.

Why do you love being a hairstylist? I love being a hairstylist because you can make people feel the best version of themselves and give them confidence. You can transform someone’s look into a look they have always dreamed of. Hair is something that is worn everyday. It makes everyone’s days better when they love their hair.


Favorite Sutra tool? My favorite tool is the IR2 Infrared Flat Iron! It heats up so quickly and evenly and is such a smooth tool. I can straighten, curl and wave with it. Obsessed.

Favorite hair hack? My favorite hair hack is when doing an updo on extra long or heavy hair, pull the underneath into a ponytail, braid it and put it in a bun to pin the top layers into! Gives security for the updo and helps remove some of the weight/bulk.

Why do you love being a hairstylist? I love being a stylist because it gives me the opportunity to help people see how beautiful they already are!! I am so grateful that they have me share in some of their most special moments. I love every connection I make, with my clients to fellow stylists. It’s a “people” industry, and it’s such a special one.


Favorite Sutra tool? My favorite tool is without a doubt the Infrared Curling Iron.

Favorite hair hack? Helps me achieve all my beach waves that clients love. Especially when trying to achieve that California lived in style.

Why do you love being a hairstylist? At first it was to be the best and be the biggest stylist I could possibly be. My competitive nature came out in my 20s!! But as hit my 30s I realized all hair stylists have a gift. And that gift is to make people look and feel good about themselves on a daily basis. The feeling you get when you transform someone’s hair and they look in every mirror on the way out with a huge smile is amazing. It’s a truly powerful gift. One of my clients asked me once “Would you do hair for free if you won the lottery or the power ball?” And I said absolutely! It was at that moment I knew this was the career for me!!


Favorite Sutra tool? My most loved hair tool is the IR2 Infrared Flat Iron.

Favorite hair hack? My favorite hair hack that everyone knows about is dry shampoo. The real secret though, put it in before you go to bed! This will give the dry shampoo more time to absorb all the oils, if you need to you can always add a little more in the morning. I find this super useful having dark hair to avoid having grey powdery looking roots in the morning!

Why do you love being a hairstylist? The most satisfying thing about being a stylist is a good transformation! I love being able to enhance or completely change someone’s look with a color, cut, and style.




Favorite Sutra tool? My favorite Sutra Beauty tool is the Magno Turbo Flat Iron.

I absolutely LOVE that thing!

Favorite hair hack? My favorite hair hack is smoothing out the hair with my flat iron before curling. It helps create a sleek, smooth, frizz free curl every time. I also use it to create subtle beach waves as well.

Why do you love being a hairstylist? I love being a hairdresser for many reasons, but the most rewarding thing about it all is seeing that smile on your client’s face after you show them their new hair you created for them. It literally makes my whole day. I absolutely love what I do.




Favorite Sutra tool? Every stylist has their favorite go-to tool. Mine is the IR2 Infrared Flat Iron. I’ve taken it on trips across the globe, given it a run at New York Fashion Week and always have it at my salon.

Favorite hair hack? Regardless of the texture or thickness of the hair I’m working on, the results are always smooth! I love that I can use this flat iron to create a series of styles such as tight curls or beach waves.
Why do you love being a hairstylist? Being a hairstylist has been rewarding in ways I never imagined when I stepped into this industry. As much as I love the actual craft of hairdressing, I love the relationships I’ve built with people more. “Doing hair” has become much more like “doing life” with my clients and colleagues, and I think that is SO cool.

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