How to Deal with a Haircut that’s Too Short

How to Deal with a Haircut that’s Too Short

Picture this: you visit your hairstylist and show a new hairstyle you want to try out. You sit in your chair, equal parts excited and nervous to see the results, and you finally turn around to view yourself in the mirror. To your shock and utter horror, the cut is WAY shorter than anything you had envisioned. While your first impulse may be to run home and hide from the rest of the world for the foreseeable future, the unfortunate reality is that you have no choice but learn to live with your new short hair until it grows back.

But trust us when we say that a too-short haircut isn’t the end of the world! Read below for some words of advice on how to not only facilitate faster hair growth, but also own your new look in the meantime!

Try Out a New Look

Face it, your hair will eventually grow back, but in the meantime, you’ll have to learn to live with your new hair. While short hair might not be your cup of tea, there are no shortage of amazing shorter hairstyles you might want to consider in the interim! Take some time and explore some of the trendiest short hairstyles, perhaps considering a trendy lob, bob, or cropped look. Despite your reservations regarding short hair, just about anyone can pull off a shorter hair length, as long as they make sure to style their hair in a way that best frames their face shape. Play with your short hair, whether parting down the middle or tying in a bun and find a look that best compliments your cheekbones and jawline. Who knows, you may just find a look that you adopt full-time!

Encourage Proper Growth

Although there’s no magic spell to make your hair grow back to its original length overnight, there are certainly steps to encourage proper hair growth. Not only will this help expedite the process, but it will also ensure your new hair grows to an even more consistent, healthier state than before. Be sure to encourage hydration by avoiding over styling your hair and taking it easy on washing. In the meantime, consider a hydrating shampoo and conditioner like Sutra’s Replenishing Moroccan Shampoo + Conditioner Set, which contains jojoba oil to enhance moisture levels in the hair. When hair is properly moisturized and healthy, it grows faster and more evenly than dry, damaged hair.

Mind Your Scalp

Aside from keeping your hair healthy and moisturized, make sure to keep your scalp healthy and clean as well! The hair follicle is where all your hair growth occurs, and it is of incredible importance to keep the follicle clear and unobstructed to encourage growth. Do so by not only regularly shampooing and massaging the scalp to remove debris, but also prevent dandruff and flakey buildup. Additionally, incorporate a product like Sutra’s Hair Cocktail, which includes rose petal oil to prevent dandruff and fortify hair follicles.

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