How To Properly Clean Your Hair Tools

How To Properly Clean Your Hair Tools

Don’t you just hate it when you see all that yucky hair and dirt in your hairbrushes? Do you ever wonder how your hair tools get so dirty?

Like skin, hair tends to gather oil and dirt. This is normal because the oil glands on your scalp produce sebum (oil) which protects your hair. But sometimes the oil glands can get a bit crazy! When there’s too much production of oil, it builds up and causes dirt to accumulate throughout the day.

The hair products that you use every day also add to the grime accumulating on your scalp and in your hair. Products like hair mousse, spray, or dry shampoos leave residue on your hair and some of that transfers to your hair tools when you use them. It’s important to clean the tools just as much you clean your hair. Below are some simple steps to properly clean your hair tools.



What you’ll need: a teaser comb, a small bowl, a spare toothbrush, antibacterial liquid soap or cleansing shampoo

Step 1 Get rid of the hairs that are stuck on the bristles using the tail part of the teaser comb.

Step 2 Using a small bowl or just your sink, fill it up with water and soak your hairbrushes either in antibacterial liquid soap or cleansing shampoo.

Step 3 After soaking for a while, take a spare toothbrush to scrub the dirt stuck on your hairbrush. Rinse the brushes after and voilà - clean as new again!

Blow Dryer

What you’ll need: a spare toothbrush, some Q-tips

Step 1 This step entirely depends on the brand you use, but some blow dryers have back covers that you can remove. If there isn’t one, check the manual of your dryer for instructions.

Step 2 Clean the filter using Q-tips soaked with soapy water so you can really remove even the very tiny dirt and dust particles. And then rinse the filer well with warm water.

Step 3 Make sure to dry your dryer using a clean cloth. Added bonus - you’ll notice a big difference in the airflow of your hair dryer after that!

Flat Iron and Curling Iron

What you’ll need: a clean cloth, rubbing alcohol or a professional hair tool spray cleaner

Step 1 For safety reasons, make sure that your flatiron and curling iron are not plugged in, and wait until the hair tools are completely cool before cleaning. Pick up a cloth and dampen it with water or your professional cleaner spray if you have it.

Step 2 Start rubbing the surfaces of the hair tools to effectively remove the dirt and residue of hair products. You can also dampen a cloth with some rubbing alcohol in case water isn’t doing the job.

Step 3 Dry the hair tools completely before using them.

Ideally, you should clean hairbrushes every two to three weeks, while hot hair tools should be cleaned at least once a month. Then again, it depends on how often you use them and how much product you use on your hair. The more product you use, the more dirt buildup you will have. 

It doesn’t really take a lot of time to clean your hair tools, especially if you follow our easy steps. Try to make it a habit. Your hair will thank you!

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