Match Your Hair with Its Perfect Hairbrush Type

Match Your Hair with Its Perfect Hairbrush Type

So much of our focus, at least when it comes to hairstyling, is place on expensive, high-powered tools like blow-dryers and flat irons. Much of this focus is well-deserved, as these heat styling tools are necessary to achieve the kind of show-stopping, head-turning hairstyles we see in magazines and fashion shows. But while great hair can be amplified by a blow-dryer that costs several hundreds of dollars, few realize that one of the most important tools for your hair health is something that costs less than $10!

What we’re referring to, of course, is that handy dandy hairbrush that has always been by your side through thick and thin. While a fancy styling tool may have come and gone, your favorite hairbrush has stood the test of time, helping to detangle your hair while keeping it organized and smooth. But what you may not realize is that as helpful as a good hairbrush can be for improving your hair, so too can a bad hairbrush be incredibly harmful to your hair. To keep your hair looking its very best, its vital to find a hairbrush that matches your specific hair type. Read our guide below to find the perfect hairbrush fit for your hair!

Thin, Straight Hair

If your hair is on the thin and straight side, you’ll want a boar bristle brush. A good boar bristle brush uses genuine boar bristles to create an extremely soft yet fine brush that can smooth and straighten the hair in a gentle, non-abrasive manner while still providing an extremely fine grip to sort through a large amount of thin hairs. To make things better, a boar bristle brush helps to distribute the hair’s natural oils, making it more moisturized and softer.

Thick, Curly Hair

Hair that is thick and curly and/or textured needs a brush that is strong and rigid yet wide enough to untangle the hair while brushing. The perfect brush for this hair type is a wide tooth comb, which has wide enough teeth to pull the hair without tugging or tangling. While thin, straight hair would be largely unchanged by this brush type, a wide tooth comb can properly sort and organize the hair in a gentle, easy manner.

Flat, Limp Hair

For hair that is lacking in volume and body, you’ll want a brush that helps to lift and raise the hair while styling with a blow-dryer. There are two brushes that are perfect for this purpose, the first being a vented round brush, which has vents to allow for maximum air flow, while the round shape can help to curl and pull the hair to lift it from the root for increased body. The second brush is a wide paddle brush, which has grippy, flexible bristles that can help pull and grip a large surface area of hair, allowing you to lift and raise it from the scalp while styling for increased volume, body, and overall “oomph” for your final look!

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