Kale: A Lean, Green Hair-Boosting Machine!

Kale: A Lean, Green Hair-Boosting Machine!

When it comes to the world of personal fitness and healthy eating, has any food enjoyed more attention and popularity than kale? This leafy green has been featured in everything from salads to smoothies, with proponents touting its incredible nutritional profile full of vitamins, terpenoids, and flavonoids. Kale has been suggested as a remedy for a variety of physical ailments and health conditions, but what about the food’s benefits when it comes to hair care? Read below to see how this superfood might be the hair care solution you’ve been seeking!

What’s In Kale?

When it comes to nutrient content, few foods can compare with our green powerhouse. Kale is one of the most potent sources of vitamin K, along with possessing large amounts of vitamins A, C, and numerous B vitamins, as well as minerals like manganese and calcium. As if that weren’t enough, Kale is loaded with carotenoids such as beta-carotene, as well as omega-3, also known as alpha linolenic-acid (ALA).

Given its nutritional composition, its easy to see why kale has become beloved by health and fitness advocates. But how does this all translate to the health of your hair and scalp? Let’s explore.

Boost Hair Growth

Thanks to its content of vitamins K, A, and B vitamins, kale can potentially facilitate in the hair’s natural growth process, helping to normalize the hair growth process. Additionally, these essential vitamins can help improve the structure and integrity of the hair strand, which translates to stronger, thicker hair that is less prone to breakage and damage. If you’re suffering from hair loss and/or thinning hair, we think kale is an excellent option for you!

Exfoliate and Normalize the Scalp

Few things can impact the overall health of your hair than an irritated or dry scalp. When the scalp is inflamed, it can lead to major hair loss and weakened hair strands, while flaking caused by scalp dryness can clog the hair follicle and impede hair growth. Thankfully, kale’s vitamin A and beta-carotene content help promote cellular turnover, aka exfoliation, normalizing the scalp’s moisture levels and preventing any buildup of flakes or dandruff. Additionally, vitamin A helps promote a healthy balance of sebum and oils on the scalp, which prevents both scalp dryness and excess oil production.

The Final Verdict

As you can see, there’s quite a bit to love when it comes to kale and its applications to hair care. While kale can provide a nice boost to someone suffering with hair loss, thinning hair, or abnormal sebum production, we think this superfood is an amazing addition to just about anyone’s hair routine!

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