Style Your Hair for Summer

Style Your Hair for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s about that time to prep your warm weather looks. While most of your focus might be on your clothes, no good summer outfit is complete without a matching summer haircut! Try out a couple of these hairstyles to complete your summer style.

Wavy Bun

In the middle of the summer, there’s no better feeling than being able to tie your hair back and let some nice breezy air cool your face. While you could simply tie your hair into a cute bun, add some summer style by giving your ends some wavy beach action. Section part of your hair into a bun, leaving a nice amount of hair towards the back that you can work your magic on. Using a flat iron like Sutra’s IR2 Ionic Infrared Flat Iron, clasp sections of your hair, starting at the root, and gently twist your hand in each direction, working your way down to the ends.

Massive Summer Waves

Take the classic beachy wave look to the next level by aiming for serious volume. Starting with damp hair, apply a volumizing product like Sutra’s Rejuvenating Hair Serum, then let your hair air dry. Once dry, bust out a large-barreled hair waver like Sutra’s Interchangeable Waver and clasp sections of your hair, moving from root to tip. You’ll be shocked at the amount of volume your waves will have!

Beachy Curls

Building off of the classic wavy summer look, add a bit more character to your waves by adding a bit more curling action. Working with casual, air-dried hair, lightly curl from root to tip with a curling wand like Sutra’s Styling Wand. Don’t rotate too much, as to avoid a more traditional curly look, but just casually wave the wand through your hair, leaving a fun, tussled look to your curls.

Air Dry It

We’ve mentioned air drying a few times, and few styling techniques are better at giving you that sort of natural, care-free look than letting your hair dry after the shower and settle into its natural texture. However, air drying has its downsides, and the biggest one is how inviting this technique is for flyaways! After showering, let your hair dry completely, and then apply a lightweight product such as Sutra’s Hair Cocktail to help tame flyaways and also boost the natural shine of your hair.

Curly Ponytail

For a look that’s equal parts casual and trendy, add a bit of flair to your usual ponytail. After tying your hair back as you normally would, grab your trusty curling iron (we can’t recommend Sutra’s Infrared Curling Iron enough!) and work on back of your ponytail, grabbing small sections of your hair and wrapping around the barrel.

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