Flat Iron Plates 101 - The Difference Between Flat Iron Plates

Flat Iron Plates 101 - The Difference Between Flat Iron Plates

Struggling on how to decide which flat iron is the right one for you? With so many different options and so many different materials you really should have an understanding of the differences. We’re here to help you get the knowledge on what each of these does!

Want to know the difference between flat Irons? 
Here’s How to Know Which Flat Iron Is Right For You!
Ceramic vs Tourmaline vs Titanium.

1. Ceramic

Ceramic flat irons are one of the most popular on the market. Ceramic flat irons are best for beginners who are ready to try styling from home. They are known to have even heat distribution which minimizes hair damage. The plates also easily glide through hair meaning less pulling and tugging.

The ceramic plates though won’t always give you the same ending results as titanium or tourmaline since they don’t heat up as much or as fast.

2. Tourmaline

Tourmaline plates are more advanced and recommended for hair enthusiasts. Tourmaline plates provide even heating, and no friction to the hair. Some straighteners have hot spots and the heating can be uneven on the plates, which means that not only will you have a lower quality result, but also it might take you longer to straighten.

With tourmaline plates, the heat of the tool is high and evenly distributed, which means you can go over the hair just once and it will be straight!

Tourmaline plates are recommended for thick, tougher to straighten hair since it has a stronger impact. Be aware of the heat so that you don’t burn or over damage your hair!

3. Titanium

Titanium plates are similar to tourmaline, delivers the fastest heat transfer and gives both faster and more effective straightening results. Titanium hair plates are considered the most advanced and are used by most hair professionals.  If you are using titanium hair plates at home you will get incredible results, although you should be careful since you can damage your hair with heat that is too high! Generally, titanium flat irons heat up faster than ceramic ones and show more effective straightening results.

If you are going for the faster and extra straight look then titanium plates are the way to go, but you do have to be careful when it comes to the heat damage. If your hair is already damaged then you might want to stick with the more simple ceramic plates.

Oh, and as a bonus tip, many newer titanium hair irons use infrared heat. Like our Infrared Flat Iron 2. These hair irons are considered to give you the best results. Infrared heating technology heats hair from the inside out, minimizing damage to the outer layers of the hair and drying in half the time of conventional heat sources, which further reduces damage. Professional stylists and beauty enthusiasts love the ease, and the results of smooth, silky, shiny hair. 

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