The Great Blow Dryer vs Hot Air Brush Debate

The Great Blow Dryer vs Hot Air Brush Debate

In recent years, hair care fanatics have been spoiled with all kinds of advanced hair styling tools and innovative new products to make the styling process easier and more effective. Despite all this variety, however, the one tool that’s always managed to stand above the rest is the handy-dandy blow dryer. Hair drying technology has witnessed an incredible amount of innovation in recent decades, and today’s hair dryers are faster, gentler, and more efficient than their predecessors. Hence, hair dryers continue to remain among the most purchased hair styling tools on the market.

Recently, however, we’ve witnessed the rise of another ingenious hair styling tool, one whose rise in popularity has poised it as a direct contender to the hair dryer’s throne, so to speak. Of course, we are talking about the hot air brush! This 2-in-1 tool incorporates the forced hot air element of the blow dryer within the body of a heated styling brush, allowing users to literally brush their hair while they blow dry it. This brilliant design innovation quickly won over consumers, with hot air brushes becoming among the most popular hair styling tools over the past decade. Move over, hair dryer; there’s a new favorite hair tool in town!

Of course, as Sutra offers top-of-the-line versions of both of these products, we refuse to take a side in this debate! We know better than anyone how unique each individual’s hair type and hair needs are, and what works for one user may not be particularly suitable for another. For instance, while our Accelerator 3500 Blow Dryer has long been a customer favorite, we’ve seen an equally enthusiastic response for our Professional Blowout Brush! That being said, we want to break down the key differences between the two products, highlighting areas where each product excels, and allow for you to make your own informed choice.

Styling Time

When it comes to styling time, this is one area where the hot air brush can’t be beat. By being able to combine the hair drying, detangling, and curling or straightening processes all in one, the entire hairstyling experience is dramatically condensed. Although the powerful motor of the Accelerator 3500 also allows users an extremely rapid styling time, nothing can beat the versatility of the Professional Blowout Brush when it comes to being able to actually cut out steps from the styling process. This key benefit is of particular interest to users who have to rush to get ready in the morning and may not want to take the extra time styling that is required of a blow dryer.

Drying Time

As the name suggests, a hair dryer is designed to literally dry your hair, and as expected, this is an area where the blow dryer shines. Although hot air brushes feature powerful motors that allow for quick, efficient hair drying, today’s hair dryers utilize infrared and ionic technology that heats the hair from the inside out, which not only evenly and gently heats the hair, but also does it in a much quicker time! If you’re simply looking to dry your hair, then the clear winner is the hair dryer.

Ease of Use

In terms of making the styling process as easy and user-friendly as possible, we’re going to have to give the point to the hot air brush. While many hair enthusiasts likely know how to use their round brush and blow dryer in tandem with their eyes closed, it often takes weeks, if not months, for users to nail this process. On the other hand, because the hot air brush takes the extra tool out of the equation and frees up an additional hand, users have been known to master the hot air brush in little to no time!

Hair Type Compatibility

While both tools are more than ideal for all hair types, it is the customizable ability of the blow dryer that makes it a truly universal hair tool. For instance, the Accelerator 3500 features numerous speed and heat settings, as well as included attachments like the speed nozzle and diffuser to tailor the experience to your particular hair type. Ionic technology allows for a gentle, regenerative heating process for dry and damaged hair. Additionally, for hair that is incredibly fragile or brittle, users may want to temporarily avoid any sort of brushing with a heated air brush.

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