The How-To Guide for Repairing Damaged Hair

The How-To Guide for Repairing Damaged Hair

As we’ve covered before, hair damage refers to hair whose cuticle layer has become raised or stripped, leaving it unable to maintain moisture or structural integrity. This is caused by a variety of factors, including harsh chemical treatments and excessive heat styling, and common symptoms include split ends, shedding, and hair texture that is rough and uneven to the touch. It’s an incredibly common yet frustrating condition that leaves our hair dull, lifeless, and impossible to manage and style. Thankfully, hair damage is only temporary, and after following our steps below, your hair will be back to its beautiful, healthy self in no time!

Gentle Washing

First and foremost, you need to completely rethink your hair washing routine. Damaged hair tends to be incredibly dry, rough, and easily tangled, and excessive washing will only make things worse. Try to limit the amount of times you wash your hair, shampooing only every-other-day or just twice weekly, and switch to a gentle, hydrating shampoo like Sutra’s Replenishing Moroccan Shampoo to prevent further dryness and damage.

Mindful Brushing

We tend to overlook the importance of brushing in our hair routine, and yet when our hair is damaged, few things are more harmful to the health of our hair than rough, improper hair brushing! For starters, make sure to NEVER brush your hair when its wet. In fact, this advice applies to healthy hair, as well, as wet hair is incredibly porous and weak, and brushing hair in this state is the quickest way to severe breakage and damage. While it would be ideal avoid brushing damaged hair altogether, your next best option is to use an extremely gentle detangling brush with smooth, snag-free bristles like Sutra’s Flexi Brush.

Moisturize and Hydrate

Given that damaged hair lacks a closed cuticle layer to maintain moisture, it is almost a guarantee that your hair will be incredibly dry during this stage. Thankfully, the symptoms of hair dryness are relatively easy to treat and infusing the hair with oils and hydrating ingredients will help to seal the cuticle and restore the hair’s natural softness and shine. When washing your hair, rather than using a traditional rinse-out conditioner, instead opt for a product like Sutra’s Leave-In Conditioner, which exerts its moisturizing, hydrating effects long after you’ve showered. To take things a step further, make sure to apply a rich, intense moisturizing treatment like Sutra’s Hair Mask at least once a week to really lock in that moisture and hydration.

Sun Protection

We all know the importance of protecting our skin from sun damage, but few of us realize how important sun protection is for our hair, as well. UV radiation can be incredibly rough on dry, weak hair, and a day out in the sun might be the absolute worst thing for your hair during this time. If spending time outside is unavoidable, make sure to apply a product with UV protection like Sutra’s Hair Cocktail, which contains coconut oil for a natural SPF of 8.

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