The Perfect Hair Tie for Each Hair Type

The Perfect Hair Tie for Each Hair Type

We’ve repeated over and over again the importance of matching your hair care routine with your specific hair type, whether it be finding a style that complements your hair type or a styling tool that provides the perfect amount of heat. This may shock you, but hair ties are also meant to be specific to each hair type as well! Read below and find the perfect hair tie for your hair type.

Coily or Curly Hair: Spiral Hair Coils

It’s no secret that coily or curly hair can be the most difficult hair type to maintain and keep organized and neat. Not only does this hair twist and turn in every direction and become easily snagged and tangled, those with curly or coiled hair are all too familiar with how fragile and prone to breakage these hair strands are. For these hair types, you’ll want to choose a spiral-shaped hair coil like this one from Kitsch. The phone cord shaped design is thick and rigid enough to hold curly hair in place while the coil shape easily blends in with a coiled hair pattern.

Chemically Treated Hair: Silk Scrunchie

For those who have chemically treated their hair, whether it be with a color treatment or a hair relaxer, you need to take extra caution with your hair tie of choice. Chemically treated hair is exceptionally fragile and porous, making it a prime candidate for easy breakage and split ends. The key here is to be as gentle and frictionless as possible with your hair tie, which makes a silk scrunchie like this one from Lily Silk a perfect option. The loose structure of the scrunchie provides a way to contain the hair without offering too much tugging or pulling, while the silk material creates a frictionless surface that prevents the hair from excessively rubbing and breaking. 

Thick, Long Hair: Bungee Cord Tie

If you have a long, thick mane of hair, you’ll need something a bit more heavy duty when it comes to keeping your hair tied and pulled back. A simple hair tie or scrunchie will prove no match for those with extremely thick hair, which means you’ll need to pull out the big guns. Enter the bungee hair tie, which is essentially a miniature bungee cord that you tie around your hair to safely and securely hold the hair in place while allowing for flexibility and stretch. This bungee tie bundle by Hotop offers multiple color options to blend in with all kinds of hair colors.

Thin, Fine Hair: Hair Ribbon

When it comes to thin, fine hair, you’ll want to use a hair tie that is wide enough to gather as many of your fine hairs as possible while being smooth and soft enough to avoid causing friction, which leads to the breakdown of the outer cuticle layer and can cause further dryness and hair breakage. With this hair type, a wide hair ribbon like this one from Kenz Laurenz makes a fantastic option to secure even the finest of hair types.


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