The Ultimate Guide to Curling Your Hair

The Ultimate Guide to Curling Your Hair

Hair can make or break one’s look, and few things can do more to upgrade any look than big, bouncy curls that beautifully frame the face while adding a fun, carefree edge. However, if your hair is naturally straight, it can be a bit difficult to truly create those long-lasting curls we all desire. Follow our steps below for the best curls of your life, and you’ll be an expert at hair curling in no time! 

Step One: Apply Heat Protectant

Heat protectant spray is a must whenever using a heat styling tool, but especially when one is trying to create curls. Too much direct heat can be extremely damaging and drying on the hair strand, and the process of curling one’s hair requires extended heat application. When combined with the twisting and amount of manipulation required to alter the hair strand, it’s imperative that you first pre-apply a moisturizing spray that can prevent moisture loss while also providing a small barrier from the heat of the curling iron. One particularly effective product is Sutra’s Heat Protector, which includes argan oil, panthenol, and quinoa extract for a product that nourishes and enhances hair health while also offering strong heat protection.

Step Two: Secure Sections with Hair Clips

With the hair properly treated with a heat protecting spray, the next step is to section off your hair to prepare for the curling process. It’s important to work section by section as you curl your hair, but this process can be quite difficult if you have long and/or thick hair to work with. Thankfully, a quality hair clip can help free up your hands while keeping sections of your hair tucked away while you curl on other portions of your hair. Sutra’s Hair Crane Clips are a great option, as they firmly yet gently secure sections of the hair thanks to a premium double-hinged arm design. To use, part the hair vertically and grab the back portion of hair behind your head, then clip with the crane clip. Continue doing this until you have 1-to-2-inch sections of hair unclipped on your left and right sides of your face.

Step Three: Use a Curling Iron

Now for the final step, the curling process. To begin, you’ll need to make sure you have a high-quality curling iron tool, like Sutra’s Infrared Curling Iron, which utilizes infrared heat to evenly and gently apply heat to the hair strand to prevent moisture loss and damage. With your hair sectioned off, grab one section of hair and open the clamp of the curling iron as it faces upwards. Open the clamp slide the section of hair in it, releasing the clamp halfway through. Then, curl the clamped section of hair way from the face, holding for 5 seconds and then releasing. Move on to the next section of hair, continuing as desired until your hair is beautifully curled!
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