Which Professional Blowout Brush is Right for You?

Which Professional Blowout Brush is Right for You?

Of all of Sutra’s best-selling styling tools, one of the most unique is the Professional Blowout Brush. Thanks to its 2-in-1 design, the brush combines the volumizing benefits of a blow dryer with the styling and detangling attributes of a round brush. The result? Big, bouncy hair with volume for days, along with incredible shine thanks to a premium mix of boar and nylon brush bristles. As if that weren’t enough, Sutra designed two different sizes of the brush, with options available in 2” and 3”. However, if you’re unsure as to which of these two options is best for you, read our guide below for a comparison of each!

Product Specs

For starters, both brushes feature the same turbo-charged 1000W Power DC Motor for exceptional blow-drying performance, along with the same blend of boar and nylon bristles for superior detangling and straightening. Additionally, each brush has been designed with a lightweight build and an easy grip handle for the most user-friendly styling experience possible.

Heat and Speed Settings

Where the two of these devices differ in terms of styling features is in each brush’s heat and speed settings. The 2” brush includes high and low heat settings along with an air-dry mode, while the 3” brush includes high, medium, and low heat settings. These differences in heat and speed settings are subtle but are worth pointing out for those really looking to fine-tune their styling routine. For instance, the air-dry mode on the 2” brush is ideal for someone looking to casually brush out and straighten their hair, while the three heat modes on the 3” brush allows for a more precise range of heat selection for picky hair types.

Barrel Size

As stated in the names of each of the products, the biggest difference here is in terms of barrel length. The 2” brush is perfect for shorter-to-medium length hair, with the ability to create tighter, more defined curls. Additionally, the 2” brush features fewer bristles, which is perfect for straight hair, along with wider air vents for increased air flow for a quicker styling experience.

On the other hand, the 3” brush is ideal for medium-to-long hair lengths, offering the ability to seamlessly boost hair with massive volume and big, bouncy waves and curls. The 3” brush also features more bristles to better grip and detangle thick, textured hair, along with smaller air vents for a more dispersed, even airflow for more time-consuming hairstyles. 


To conclude, both brushes provide the same exceptional blow-drying and detangling performance due to premium motor and bristle materials, along with ergonomic, user-friendly product designs. For those with shorter and/or straighter hair or those looking for the casual styling benefits of an air-dry mode, the 2” model is ideal for you. On the other hand, the 3” model is perfect for longer and/or thicker hair looking to fine-tune their heat settings.

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