Why Frizz Happens and How to Prevent It!

Why Frizz Happens and How to Prevent It!

For many, no amount of anti-frizz products or internet advice seems to prevent these frizzy hairs, making the dream of frizz-free hair seem like a far-fetched fantasy. But fret not, frizzy-haired gals! We’re here to give you the advice needed to conquer this problem for good! 

Frizz Culprit #1: Heat Damage

In the vast majority of cases, frizz can be simply chalked up to hair that has become excessively dry and dehydrated due to over-applying or improperly utilizing heated styling tools. When hair becomes repeatedly subjected to overly harsh heat tools, the individual hair strand begins to lose its protective moisture barrier in the outer layer of the cuticle, resulting in rapidly depleting moisture levels. Because of this, the heat-damaged hairs become incredibly dried out and lose weight and body, causing them to lie in a disorganized, messy fashion.

The Treatment: Appropriate Heat Styling

Many of us simply style our hair too often or too frequently, making our hair easy targets for frizz. If that’s the case, cut back! The second step is to analyze your heat styling tools. Older, more traditional heat styling tools utilize outdated forms of heat technology that produces incredibly harsh, damaging forms of heat to the hair. Instead, upgrade your tool to something that utilizes infrared technology, which uses shorter wavelengths to heat the hair from inside-out and protect the outer layer of the hair, or ionic technology, which emits negative ions to preserve moisture levels in the hair. Thankfully, Sutra’s IR2 Ionic Infrared Flat Iron utilizes both of these technologies, allowing for an incredibly gentle, frizz-free styling experience.

Frizz Culprit #2: Excessive Hair Washing

Another surefire way to wind up with frizzy hair is by shampooing your hair too often or with too harsh of cleansing ingredients. While shampooing is vital for keeping your hair clean of product build-up, dirt, and oil, the actual act of washing your hair is inherently damaging to your hair. You see, shampoo works to clear your hair of debris due to the inclusion of powerful surfactants, which are basically ingredients that work by scrubbing anything and everything in their path. While this is great for removing debris, the downside is that these surfactants scrub both the debris and the actual hair itself. Thus, a shampoo that is great for clarifying debris from your hair is also excellent at damaging the actual hair itself. When used too often, you’re again risking damage to the outer protective layer of the cuticle, which leads to excessive dryness and frizz.

The Treatment: Appropriate Hair Washing

First things first: get on the right hair washing schedule! Unless your hair is incredibly greasy and naturally oily, nobody should be washing their hair every day. Most people are better suited for an every-other-day routine, with some able to get away with just once or twice a week! Following this, make sure to incorporate rich, hydrating shampoo and conditioner into your routine, such as Sutra’s Replenishing Moroccan Shampoo + Conditioner, which contains rich oils and nutritious vitamins to maintain moist, hydrated hair.

Frizz Culprit #3: Humidity

Oftentimes, you can do everything right when it comes to appropriately styling your hair and adopting a gentle hair washing routine, and you still wind up with a frizz-filled mane. In many cases, the cause is completely out of your hands, as your environment may be to blame. Humid air has caused countless victims of the dreaded frizz hair, due to the fact that the wet air disrupts the natural hydrogen bonds of the hair. When these hydrogen bonds are disrupted, our hair’s moisture barrier is again compromised, and the result is dry, weightless hair.

The Treatment: Apply Targeted Anti-Frizz Products

Thankfully, there are a vast variety of anti-frizz products on the market designed specifically to counteract the annoying effects that humid air has on your hair. These products contain a plethora of hydrating ingredients that infuse the moisture back in the hair, as well as protective ingredients that help to seal the damaged cuticle layer. Sutra’s Rejuvenating Hair Serum is one such product, as a blend of jojoba oil, omega acids, and vitamin E work in tandem to rehydrate the hair while providing a protective layer to seal the cuticle.

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