Your Curly Hair Type and How to Tame It

Your Curly Hair Type and How to Tame It

Browse any hair care aisle and you’ll see that just about every product is specifically marketed for either straight or curly hair. Much is made about the distinct difference in maintenance and styling requirements for each of these two hair types, and for good reason! However, learning about what your specific hair type falls under isn’t as simple as “straight or curly”. For girls with curly hair, however, things become a lot more complicated, as there are numerous subcategories of curly hair types. Thankfully, we’re here to simplify things for all of our curly-haired readers. Follow our guide below, and we’ll arm you with the tips and guidance for taking care of your curly hair type and looking better than ever!

Curly Type: Wavy

At first glance, it can be easy to dismiss wavy hair as being a curly hair type. Wavy hair lacks the tight, curly patterns we usually picture when we think of curly hair, and for many of us, wavy hair is more of a temporary condition of your hair when you’re visiting the beach, rather than a genetic hair type. However, as women born with wavy hair can attest, this is certainly a very real hair type, with the definitive feature being the natural “S” shape that the hair grows into as it gets longer. For some, the hair’s wavy texture is more subtle and isn’t particularly noticeable unless the hair is grown out. For others, the waves form a dramatic series of repeating “S” shapes from root to tip. For all wavy hair types, the key is to avoid products that weigh down your hair, as wavy hair can easily lose its trademark shape and become flat and lifeless with heavy styling products. Many wavy hair types can get away with using any sort of styling product, while sparingly washing and conditioning the hair with a nutritious yet lightweight shampoo and conditioner set like Sutra’s Replenishing Moroccan Shampoo + Conditioner Set.

Curly Type: Curly

This is the quintessential hair type that you imagine when you think of the words “curly hair”. As opposed to the “S” shape of wavy hair, this hair type naturally grows into spiral/circular patterns, ranging from loose, soft curls to massive, tight curls. As beautiful and unique as this hair type is, curly hair types are the most susceptible to frizz and breakage and need to be treated with extra care in order to maintain healthy, beautiful curls. A leave-in conditioner used on a semi-regular basis, such as Sutra’s Leave-In Conditioner, is a perfect preventative treatment to ward off frizz, while the best-selling Rejuvenating Hair Serum can be used before and/or after using a heat styling tool to maintain moisture levels.

Curly Type: Coily

The last hair type, coily, is one of the most unique and least common of all the curly hair types. These types of curls are the tightest types and feature a distinctive “zig-zag” shape that makes the hair look incredibly dense and full. The most common concern for coily hair is dryness, and this hair type needs far more moisture and rich hydration than any of the other curly hair types. A rich, thick moisturizing leave-in product is a must for coily hair, and Sutra’s Hair Mask is a perfect option with a bevy of moisturizing, nutritious oils and a deeply penetrative formula that delivers hydration deep within the hair strand for maximum moisture retention.

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